As a proud representative of the 21st District in the state legislature, your priorities are my priorities. My standard for success is a thriving and fair community where you and your family are happy to live, work and play. I believe that our district and our state are at their best when education is accessible, our environment is protected, and our families and communities are supported.

The Environment

Protecting the environment, expanding renewable energy and combating global warming are crucial for our communities and our economy. I have worked to reduce Maryland’s reliance on carbon by supporting a ban on fracking and co-sponsored  legislation to increase Maryland’s use of renewable energy to ensure Maryland continues to lead the nation on climate.



Every Marylander should have access to affordable healthcare. During the 2022 Legislative Session, I was pleased to sponsor legislation signed into law that limits copayment amounts for insulin. I have proudly stood with my Democratic colleagues to pass legislation that protects Marylanders if the Affordable Care Act is repealed and am a champion for reproductive freedom and abortion rights.

Public Education

As a product of public schools, I understand exactly how critical they are to ensuring every child gets a fair shot. I believe that we must continue to expand opportunity by bringing vital funding to our County, fend off efforts to privatize our public schools, and reduce the reliance on testing as a means to assess school success. I have and will continue to sponsor key pieces of legislation that provide educational opportunity and protect our students.

Protecting Our Families and Our Seniors

As the son of a single mom, I vividly recall her angst as she balanced staying home with me or getting paid for the day. As a longtime supporter of paid family leave, I was thrilled to co-sponsor the Time To Care Act of 2022. Likewise, as the primary sponsor of House Bill 1468, I successfully fought to protect our senior citizens’ retirement income when this legislation was signed into law by the Governor.

Local Investment

Together, my 21st District colleagues and I have:

  • Secured record funding for Anne Arundel and Prince George’s County Public Schools
  • Fought to ensure Laurel Hospital continues to operate and serve our community
  • Secured funding for modernizing and expanding Route 175 in Odenton
  • Obtained $7.1 million for Route 1 improvements